Interfuse is a web development company located in Middleton Wisconsin. Founded by Nick Niesen in 2008, Interfuse first comprised of several divisions including Interfuse Mobile, Interfuse Motors and Interfuse. Each division was a representation of products which were sold through various online marketplaces. Soon after these divisions were established, Interfuse LLC. was founded.

After several years of operation, Interfuse LLC. took full control of the Interfuse project and sub-divisions; and Interfuse subsequently transformed into a web development company. Interfuse was contracted to create numerous websites, however none more notable than Madison Liquidators.

Under the direction of Interfuse, the Madison Liquidators platform grew from a small local office furniture dealership into one of the largest distributors of office furniture in the United States. As the demand for this project decreased, Nick Niesen acquired to start the next generation of the Interfuse project. The acquisition of was tantamount in completing the vision of what Interfuse should be and is now the cornerstone of the Interfuse Project. now boasts free registration for People, Businesses, Places and Things. Users of all kinds can submit and request edits within the Interfuse Knowledge Base; Interfuse’s first official enterprise-grade web application. The Interfuse Knowledge Base is free to use for all users who visit

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Last Modified: April 17, 2024