Under Desk Cable Management

Under desk cable management is a decluttering solution often not considered by many. After all, it's just so easy to get a new computer or other electronic device, plug it in straight away, and start using it. The problem, however, arises when plugging or unplugging devices or moving the desk. Those entangled wires are an absolute mess and can make things irritating. But the question is, what to do about it?

Under Desk Cable Management, What is it?

It’s organizing all the scattered wires on the desk into a much more efficient and effective way to prevent clutter and enhance safety. Under desk cable management is mostly ignored, but it has benefits such as improving focus while working and keeping the workplace safe.

How to implement proper under-desk cable management?

  • Unplugging: The first thing to do is unplug all the wires and clear the desk. It helps in adjusting the cables and the other electronic devices that need to be placed on the desk.
  • Power Strip Placement: Placing the power strip depends on how to adjust the setup on the desk, but it will also influence how everything else is organized. That's why it’s best to be extra strategic when placing the power strip. There are two ideal places where adjusting the power strip is best, it can either go under the desk or behind the desk.
  • Make the Desk Cable Friendly: Once the power strip is installed, proper routing of the wires has to be done, but before that, check if the desk has a hole to tuck in the cables, if not, there are cable tray solutions that stick directly to the desk so that the cables and wires can be applied.
  • Preparing the Cables: Ensure that cables do not have any slack. Execute this step by taking a measuring tape and measure how much cable each connection requires. Once the length is measured, wind up and tie the extra cable. Leave some cable sleeves on hand before starting to plug everything back in.
  • Putting it all Together: Hurray! The work space is now ready and the desk is now clear with the cable coiled up to the correct length. Plug everything back in and make sure all the wires are tucked in. To go the extra mile, bundle any cables near the cable sleeves. Label wires that look the same in case a change is required later on.

What are Under Desk Cable Management Benefits?

Safety, poor cable management usually leads to an entangled mess which results in tripping hazards. When cables aren't organized, they can twist and turn and rub against each other to damage the upper plastic layer. When the wire is exposed, it can pose a risk of an electric shock. It may also lead to short cuts resulting in a fire. Proper cable management can mitigate such risks and create a safer working environment.

Aesthetic Appeal: Organized cables provide an aesthetic appeal to the workplace creating a professional and tidy appearance.

When cables are organized, it is easy to identify and troubleshoot them in case of any issue. It saves time and effort. Moreover, they are easily removable without the risk of unplugging the other cables around them.

Device Longevity: Proper cable management protects the wires, as well as the electrical devices they are connected to. Tangled cables twist and turn, which weakens them with time. By carefully organizing the cables it will extend the lifespan of your equipment.

Although with advancements in technology, the world is moving towards wireless devices there will always be a need for them to be plugged in – even if it’s just to recharge. Keep the area clear for a productive work session even if it's just a few wires. A work desk should be a source of attraction to work on, it shouldn't be full of scattered wires and be a source of distraction from work. Giving a workstation an aesthetic appeal isn’t such a hard task. It will barely take half an hour and save you from trouble for a long time. Try under Desk Cable Management and note what wonders it does can for work enthusiasts.

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Last Modified: July 4, 2024