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Privacy and security concerns are critical in this digital age. As such, VPNs have become valuable tools for internet users worldwide. Studies show that 31% of all Internet users use a VPN, which is expected to increase. [1]

ExpressVPN is one of the VPN providers available, and it is a prominent player in the market.

Let's have an in-depth look at ExpressVPN.

Company History

The company was founded in 2009 by two technology entrepreneurs and close friends, Peter Burckhardt and Dan Pomerantz, whose mission was to make the Internet more open and accessible.

ExpressVPN's headquarters are in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (BVI), because of the location's strong privacy laws and its distance from the influence of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance (i.e., the US, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand). This choice emphasizes ExpressVPN's commitment to data security and user privacy.

The company has focused on developing a user-friendly and highly secure VPN service since its inception. ExpressVPN has expanded its global reach, with servers in various countries and a rapidly rising user base. It's renowned for its commitment to transparency, top-notch security features, and robust performance.

Products and Services

ExpressVPN offers a range of products and services designed to improve online privacy. Here's what to expect:

VPN Software

ExpressVPN provides a VPN software solution compatible with various devices and OS, including Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and routers. The software is uniquely designed to be easy to use and intuitive, catering to advanced and novice users.

Browser Extensions

ExpressVPN provides browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Vivaldi, and Brave to improve user experience. These extensions usually offer all the app functionalities within your browser. As such, they enable users to quickly secure their browser activities and access restricted content.

Router App

ExpressVPN also provides a dedicated router app, which you can install on compatible routers to secure all devices connected to your network. Such a solution is highly beneficial for households with numerous devices since it ensures that all devices enjoy the same level of protection without installing the software individually.

ExpressVPN Features

While ExpressVPN might not be the one VPN solution with the most features, each serves a different and unique purpose.

Let's take a closer look.

Split Tunneling

It's a feature that allows you to direct your VPN traffic more precisely. There are three ways to configure split tunneling on ExpressVPN:

  • By using a default option, your entire traffic goes through a designated VPN server.
  • You could exclude specific apps from your VPN, which forces them to connect directly.
  • You can also set it up, enabling only specific apps to use a VPN.

Therefore, you can tailor this tool based on your usage. Suppose you want to watch foreign streaming libraries but prefer listening to your local charts. In that case, add an exclusion to your Spotify app, then direct the rest of your traffic through the VPN.


Your VPN subscription also includes MediaStreamer, a SmartDNS feature. It's a highly beneficial feature, especially if you're used to watching streaming media on an electronic device without VPN capability.

MediaStreamer allows you to change your device's DNS address, acting like it's using a VPN when accessing geo-restricted sites. Although it only works with US libraries, these are the most restricted ones.

Stealth Servers

It's worth noting that some websites, streaming services, and oppressive governments use DPI as an anti-VPN technology. Stealth servers, stealth mode, or obfuscated servers are all techniques used to conceal your VPN traffic from Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). [2] Stealth servers are accessible when connecting to a protocol that the service automatically chooses.

Password Manager

ExpressVPN also features its password management tool, which you can get on any plan at no additional cost. The feature is available on Android apps, iOS, and Chrome-based browsers. It allows you to autofill your app and website logins and store them in an encrypted vault.

Threat Manager

It's a feature that prevents third-party tracking and other potentially malicious activity while browsing or using apps.

So, how does ExpressVPN do this?

It cross-checks every website or application you visit with its continually updated blocklist. So, when you turn on this feature, some apps or websites will automatically be reduced to a minimum. This will improve your online privacy and anonymity.

This feature is found on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux apps. However, the Apple TV app only includes tracker blocking.

Security & Privacy

ExpressVPN is safe. The company prioritizes security and privacy by adopting various measures to secure user data and ensure confidentiality. Here are some features that contribute to more privacy and security:

Kill Switch

ExpressVPN's kill switch, or Network lock, is a central component of any VPN. [3] Suppose you're using a VPN to mask your identity. In that case, this feature automatically stops your Internet connection if your VPN connection is interrupted or disrupted. Therefore, it blocks unwanted leaks of your device's IP address and location.

How do you use it? Head straight to your device settings to turn on the Network lock. You can also allow access or disable other local network devices, e.g., file servers and printers. Typically, this creates a strict block that cuts off your device from the local network. It can be helpful if you're using a VPN somewhere in public.

You can also customize it to disable specific apps.


It's worth noting that ExpressVPN never collects user activity logs, including data content, DNS queries, or browsing history. That means you'll be the only one who knows everything you do.

ExpressVPN also proved that it has a stringent zero-logs policy through third-party audits and in court. But, like any online service, it requires your personal data (i.e., name, email address, and payment info) to provide its services.

It also collects basic usage statistics data to improve its service quality. However, this data doesn't contain user activity data such as IP addresses, DNS queries, or VPN traffic.

ExpressVPN's privacy measures generally don't raise much concern. Their easy-to-read privacy policy doesn't also contain cryptic lawyers' jargon.

Independent Audits

ExpressVPN routinely undergoes independent security audits by distinguished cybersecurity firms to ensure transparency. [4] These verifications involve checking privacy policies, proprietary technologies, browser extensions, and different apps.

ExpressVPN also utilizes the bug bounty program to ensure your utmost privacy. The program covers its internal systems, VPN servers, and clients. It enables independent testers to detect a bug that in-house developers might have overlooked.

TrustedServer Technology

ExpressVPN has an added advantage for people who remain skeptical about third-party audits and obstructions of justice. Storing data logs is physically impossible with this TrustedServer technology. The servers run entirely on RAM and store only operational data. Therefore, it enables high-speed data exchange and immediately wipes data when it's no longer used.

With this mode of operation, you'll have to reinstall the software that supports your connection every time the server goes down. So, should a threat actor spot a vulnerability and install a backdoor, it will also be purged with the rest of the data at reset. Therefore, they're eliminating many potential vulnerabilities with a straightforward solution.

ExpressVPN Protocols

A VPN Protocol is a clear set of rules dictating data packaging and transmission over a private network. [5] They create VPN tunnels that help share data securely.

ExpressVPN is among the speediest VPNs available, partially because of its tunneling protocols. ExpressVPN implements different tunneling protocols, including:

  • Lightway protocol: It's overall the best ExpressVPN protocol since it's designed to deliver a faster, more reliable, and more secure VPN experience.
  • OpenVPN (UDP/TCP): It offers well-rounded security and availability. UDP uses less bandwidth and is more efficient. Although TCP protocol isn't as fast as UDP, it's less likely to encounter connection drops.
  • L2TP/IPsec: This combines L2TP and IPsec to provide a robust and secure connection.
  • IKEv2: It's ideal for mobile devices and Wi-Fi/ cellular data. It provides good speeds for bandwidth-intensive activities, including streaming.


ExpressVPN is a leading VPN provider offering fast, reliable, secure Internet connections. With a rich commitment to user privacy, the company has constantly modified its products and services to fulfill the growing demands of this digital age.

ExpressVPN offers a robust suite of features to ensure you can navigate the Internet knowing your data is protected against potential risks. As online privacy becomes more critical, ExpressVPN remains a reliable option to safeguard your online presence.

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