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A virtual private network makes a secure, private connection between the Internet and your device. VPNs offer many advantages in this digital world where privacy and security are constantly under attack.

For instance, VPNs provide anonymity, which helps people browse privately and avoid surveillance. Employees can also work securely anywhere, thanks to VPNs. That's a massive advantage for modern businesses because they can leverage this. Let's explore some of the primary benefits of using VPN services in detail and the reputable VPN services available.

Benefits of Using VPN Services

VPN services benefit movie lovers, online shoppers, students, travelers, remote workers, and gamers. These benefits explain the constantly rising user numbers, with approximately 31% of global Internet users using VPN services for various reasons. [1] Let's break them down.

Enhanced Online Privacy

Generally, the most significant advantage of using a VPN is enhancing privacy and security while browsing online. True anonymity is more complicated to achieve online nowadays since third parties are more persuasive in collecting personal data from consumers. That's where a VPN service comes in.

A VPN routes your device's Internet traffic through its private server rather than your ISP. It uses VPN protocols to encrypt all of your data, then sends it via a VPN tunnel before it gets to the Internet. Encryption and rerouting make tracking your online activity more complicated for anyone except the VPN service.

Protection Against Hackers

There are numerous cyber threats available that can compromise your data. Although many people are clueless about mitigating such dangers and protecting themselves, VPN services are the answer. Your VPN's encryption gives you a new IP address to safeguard your online data from cyber threats. Your new IP address will prevent hackers from intercepting your Internet connection and stealing your data.

Access to Geo-Restricted Content

Some online content and websites are restricted to specific geographical regions. That means you can only view that content/ website in a designated area or country. A VPN enables you to bypass such restrictions. You can pick any place worldwide as your location as long as your VPN has a server there.

For example, suppose a document you want to read online is only accessible in Japanese. In that case, you can change your VPN location to Japan to access that content. Your VPN makes it seem like your Internet traffic originates from somewhere else, thus bypassing geo-blocking. Rather than having access only to a specific streaming library available in your country, a VPN will help you access the streaming service's entire catalog.

Safe & Private Browsing on Public Wi-Fi Networks

Public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, malls, airports, and hotels is convenient. However, it comes with severe drawbacks. Using public Wi-Fi networks significantly enhances the risk of unauthorized parties accessing your private data. [2] Cybercriminals could intercept any sensitive information you share, such as passwords and emails.

A VPN's encryption protects your data, even when using a public Wi-Fi network. So, ensure you connect to the VPN before surfing the public network to prevent data leakage. For extra security, consider visiting HTTPS websites when using public Wi-Fi. Such websites (identifiable by the "https:// before the URL") are encrypted and usually provide more protection from hackers.

Anonymized Torrenting & File Sharing

Undoubtedly, file sharing and torrenting have become more dangerous over time. If you don't have any protection, other people can easily view your download history once they identify your IP address. Using a VPN will maneuver these potential threats by encrypting your Internet data.

Your ISP can still tell that you're using a service like BitTorrent. However, a VPN enables you to torrent and file share without showing the data you're transferring. A VPN guarantees that others won't read your upload or download histories. Ensure you pick a fast, secure VPN for torrenting to prevent any data from slipping through when your VPN connection drops.

Remotely Accessing Business Networks

A VPN service goes beyond personal use. It can also be helpful for secure remote access to business networks. Securely connecting to your shared business network protects the files and data you share over this network. Because of security concerns, your company might even request that you use a VPN in the workplace to access the shared business network.

Although using a secure line from your ISP can help, alternative solutions for securing remote access to a shared network are usually costly and difficult to manage. A VPN can benefit businesses with remote workers since it's a simple and easy-to-implement solution.

Prevention of ISP Tracking & Data Logging

As aforementioned, hackers aren't the only third parties you should be concerned about while browsing online. Your ISP can also monitor your activity since all your Internet traffic flows through their servers. Fortunately, concealing your Internet activity from your ISP is one of the benefits of using a VPN. Your VPN constantly reroutes and encrypts your data, making it impossible for your ISP to view whatever you're up to online. The data becomes unreadable, so your ISP can't tell whether you're using a VPN.

Network Scalability

A private network can help kickstart your business, but expanding it can be prohibitive. A VPN server lets your business simultaneously provide network access to many workers and remote employees. Also, you can run crucial applications in a cloud environment and offer them access through the VPN's secure tunnel. It can include email and full-blown applications you'd typically run on your computer.

Once an employee connects to the VPN, they'll gain access to a different computer that you usually use to run their desired application. Each employee needs a login to access the VPN and, thus, the application. Having more employees involves providing bandwidth and login credentials to every new team member.

Bypassing Censorship & Internet Restrictions

Some regions or countries censor online content and limit access to certain websites, email services, or social media platforms. Only a VPN allows you to access this restricted content while staying in such places. It bypasses censorship and Internet restrictions irrespective of your location. However, remember that using a VPN might be illegal in some areas. [3] Check local laws to determine whether VPN use is permitted at your travel destination.

Peace of Mind

Data privacy and security are undoubtedly a primary concern for most people nowadays. Unfortunately, nothing can guarantee that your confidential data is 100% safe. Data breaches are usually the result of server problems, not a user mistake. But, using a VPN can help keep some of your info inaccessible to online apps and websites that would otherwise collect it without your consent.

Top VPN Services Available

A wide range of VPN services are available, each offering different features and pricing plans. The following list will guide you to the most popular and reputable VPN services.


This browser-based software can help ensure your Internet connections are always protected. Although this software is a Saas product, you can easily install it on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. This VPN tool features an extra layer of security through robust encryption to safeguard your online incoming and outgoing communications.

NordVPN offers financial data protection, vulnerability protection, DNS leak protection, IP protection, and access to region-specific digital content. Other valuable features include a kill switch, web threat management, and peer-to-peer.

Express VPN

Express VPN offers exceptional website unblocking capabilities and is renowned for being the fastest option in the market. You can enjoy highly secured private Internet browsing without concern about security breaches. This VPN tool supports HD/4K streaming, allowing unlimited torrenting. That means you can access Netflix and BBC iPlayer without any restrictions.

Besides Chrome, ExpressVPN also has Firefox and Safari extensions. It can mask your IP address, and you can choose from 140+ locations across 90+ countries. Besides superfast connections, this VPN service enables anonymous browsing and downloading.


Besides offering smooth user experiences, Surfshark enables you to unblock many region-locked streaming services. The best part is that you'll enjoy an uninterrupted, smooth streaming experience. It also makes it easy to establish a unique secret communication channel that prevents other users from prying on. Its excellent speeds make it a perfect option for streaming HD video, large torrenting files, and seamless browsing. This VPN also has no connection limit, which is an added advantage.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is a high-speed Swiss VPN service that prioritizes its users' privacy online. The software adopts robust encryption methods to ensure the utmost security for passwords and confidential data. You can also depend on ProtonVPN to keep your browsing history private because it won't track your Internet activities and share your information with third parties.

The platform also has integrated cipher suites with Perfect Forward Secrecy options. This eliminates all chances of data collection and decryption. ProtonVPN also gives you fast access to any content or website by breaking down the censorship barriers.

IPVanish VPN

As its name suggests, IPVanish VPN goes beyond the traditional incognito mode or private Internet browser and makes your actual IP address vanish altogether. The company's zero log policy guarantees that your information is always safely stored. It's particularly beneficial for users who often use free Wi-Fi in public places.

The VPN's high-grade encryption ensures you keep your private information away from the reach of tech-savvy teens, ISPs, and hackers. The platform also provides maximum safety of user data by employing any middlemen. This VPN can help you circumvent censorship filters that some governments, employers, and universities implement. IPVanish VPN owns 1,300+ anonymous servers that ensure fast and unrestricted Internet access.

Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN allows you to unblock what you want and connect up to 10 devices. Hiding your IP address with this tool makes your Internet activity invisible to hackers, spying agencies, and ISPs. The VPN offers customers up to 256-bit encryption, which makes security breaches nearly impossible. These hackers could install malware without you noticing and control or shut down your devices remotely.

The platform follows a no-logs policy to safeguard digital privacy from third-party apps. Ivacy is also ideal for movie lovers because it prevents stuttering when watching popular channels like HBO, Netflix, Prime, Amazon, Hulu, and ESPN. The tool lets you whitelist IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access to your company's accounts.

Find a Suitable VPN Solution

VPN services offer numerous and varied benefits, making them a trivial tool for Internet users. As we've seen, these benefits include enhanced privacy & security, protection against ISP data throttling, data encryption, access to overseas content, etc. Businesses can establish secure connections between central offices and remote workers. VPN usage is also affordable and flexible. With an extensive range of VPN services, you can pick the one most fitting to your needs.

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