The current digital world obligates everyone to maintain online privacy and security. One way to avoid falling prey to cyber scams is through VPN or virtual private networks. These are important parts of the ever-growing technological world, helping protect your personal information and ensuring secure internet browsing while allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions. NordVPN is a prominent name when thinking of VPNs. With lots of competition in the industry, you may wonder whether it's the best VPN for you. This guide will provide information about this VPN and everything else you want to know.

Introduction to Nord VPN

As previously stated, NordVPN is a leading name in the VPN industry. It is particularly popular for its robust security features, extensive server network, and easy, user-friendly interface. NordVPN works by tunneling your web traffic through an encrypted server, granting you increased privacy from internet service providers.

You will encounter NordVPN any time you search for a trusted VPN service. It has remained popular for many users globally, and there is a good reason. NordVPN operates under a jurisdiction favorable to privacy, with its headquarters in Panama. Besides being fast, NordVPN brings a lot more to the table. You will love the security, competitive pricing, and many user-friendly apps. These well-rounded performances make Nord a popular VPN for everyone.

Features of NordVPN

The ultimate measure of a good VPN is its features, and NordVPN has plenty of features that make it a standout. We will categorize these features into security, privacy, performance, and other special features.

Security features

Nord VPN uses the highest encryption standards. The Military-grade AES-256-GCM-encryption is considered the industry standard for securing data, ensuring your data is impenetrable. The double VPN feature adds an encryption layer by routing traffic through two servers instead of one. It ensures that even if an attacker penetrates one session, they will be locked out of the next one. Once connected, NordVPN uses a private DNS to keep your internet browsing away from third parties.

The VPN also has a Kill Switch feature, designed to disconnect your device from the internet and prevent data leaks once the VPN connection drops. With this feature, your browser won't access other sites if the VPN disconnects. There is also a CyberSec feature that blocks ads and protects against malware. This is an important feature to enhance your browsing experience without risking data leaks.

Privacy features

Nord VPN has a strict no-logs policy. Your internet activity is not monitored, recorded, stored, or passed to a third party. They do not store connection time stamps, IP addresses, or browsing data. This policy demonstrates the company's commitment to privacy by ensuring the VPN doesn't track or store user activity. The provider passed a no-logs policy audit, confirming that the policy statement matches what the system is doing underneath. The company's headquarters in Panama is also a crucial privacy feature, as the VPN isn't subject to any data retention laws.

Performance features

While privacy features are a top priority for a VPN, performance is also a significant consideration. There is no benefit in having unbreakable encryption if it reduces your internet speeds. NordVPN delivers spectacular download speeds when tested for speed. Even when installing NordVPN on your router, the speeds of around 110 Mbps are enough for every family member to stream in HD.

The best performance feature of this VPN is the high-speed servers. The servers are reliable and provide consistent performance for browsing and streaming. This means you can enjoy faster connection speeds with minimal lag. At the same time, you can find its connections worldwide, as Nord has extensive coverage.

The company says over 6,000 Nord VPN servers exist in 140+ locations. With a presence across 110 countries, NordVPN is above competitors like ExpressVPN (106 countries and Surfshark (100 countries). Its locations are also well-distributed around the world.

Its intuitive interface also enhances the VPN's performance. It makes navigating and configuring settings easy, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. The browser's extension was revamped with a simpler interface and easier navigation.

VPN newbies will feel at home using the apps in a few minutes. Still, there are lots of features that more experienced users can explore. It is compatible with different systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.

Special features

NordVPN provides several special features to all users. These features enhance the browsing experience.

Dedicated IP address

NordVPN offers access to blocked networks and a dedicated IP address. When connecting to a VPN server, your web traffic gets rerouted through a different IP address. A dedicated IP address has many benefits, including using a dedicated IP address, which also helps avoid CAPTCHA. Furthermore, P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing allows for easy torrenting. P2P-optimized servers are found in most locations.

Onion over VPN

You can achieve further anonymity with Tor Onion Over VPN, which combines Tor's privacy and security. It encrypts your traffic and quotes it through a NordVPN server before directing it to the Tor network. As a result, your traffic passes through three Tor nodes before reaching its destination. You get an extra layer of protection, making it difficult for anyone to trace an internet action back to you.

Threat protection

Recently, the provider introduced a threat protection feature. It focuses on helping you avoid tracking, phishing, scams, malware, and annoying ads. This feature scans downloads for malware even when you are not connected to the VPN. For example, it will detect and block websites with malicious codes and display a warning on your browser. There is also an option to continue using the website if you are sure it's safe. You can use this service if you have one of the higher-tier subscriptions.

Link checker

The recent update also introduced a link checker. This handy feature allows you to verify the legitimacy of any URLs you suspect before clicking. You only need to copy and paste the link to determine if it's safe. The feature will search third-party databases and inform you if it's connected to malware or phishing scams.


Meshnet is a special feature that allows you to create a personal VPN server instead of going the DIY route. In other words, you can establish your local area network with devices located anywhere. For instance, Meshnet can host remote LAN parties or access files on a home server abroad. The best part is that Meshnet is free.

Benefits of using NordVPN

There are several reasons NordVPN is the most popular VPN worldwide. It offers plenty of unmatched benefits that make it a standout. Here, we delve into some benefits you get from using NordVPN.

Enhanced privacy

This VPN will prevent hackers and intrusive bodies, such as governments and ISPs, from tracking you. It keeps your online activities free from tracking or surveillance. If you want to protect your browser, use the NordVPN browser extension. It directs all browser traffic through an encrypted connection to a NordVPN server, protecting your data.

Security on public Wi-Fi

Hackers use several techniques to access your information when connected to a public Wi-Fi. [1] You need a VPN to reduce the attack risk when using public Wi-Fi. NordVPN protects you from this risk by encrypting your connection. This means you can use public networks without fearing data breaches.

As discussed above, this VPN comes with two kill switches to prevent data leaks when using public Wi-Fi. It will also block DNS leaks, ensuring your DNS address is always the same as your IP address.

Access to restricted content

Most people use VPNs to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship. NordVPN is among the best for accessing content from different regions. It gives you the keys to enjoying a global internet experience. The extensive server network means you can find high-speed connections in any location. For example, if you use iOS, you will find city-level locations to pick from.

Nord VPN allows you to access your favorite websites and entertainment content without censorship.

Streaming and torrenting

If you want to stream popular services like Netflix but they are blocked, use NordVPN. It provides an anonymous torrenting of streaming services like BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix. Use the P2P feature to enjoy safe streaming and torrenting. The VPN offers fast connection speeds in different regions.

If you are most interested in torrents, NordVPN offers an all-around package. It provides hundreds of P2P-friendly servers in many locations around the globe. Go to the Nord VPN's Windows app, and you will find a list of P2P server options.

Along with the direct P2P support, other features make NordVPN a smart choice when using torrents. A strict no-logging policy, traffic leak protection, and several layers of DNS are great examples.

Customer support

If you encounter problems with your NordVPN, there are multiple support channels. A 24/7 live chat feature guarantees immediate assistance, while email support facilitates more detailed inquiries. You can also use the comprehensive guide and FAQs on the site. The provider offers additional language support for Italian, Korean, and Cantonese users.

Pricing and plans

Besides its superior features compared to its competitors, NordVPN provides excellent value for money. With its long-term plans, you can enjoy enhanced privacy cost-effectively.

When you purchase a Nord VPN service, you can opt for a monthly or an annual plan, depending on your needs. The monthly subscription plan is flexible but comes at a higher cost. It will cost you .99 per month. [2] If you go with the annual subscription plan, you get a discounted rate for a yearly commitment. This annual plan goes at .99 per month.

Alternatively, there are two-year and three-year plans that come with significant discounts. For instance, a two-year plan drops the price to .99 monthly. However, the one- and two-year deals include an introduction discount renewed as a standard annual plan. This means you will have a monthly major price hike of .29.

Users also get a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchasing NordVPN. This is an excellent offer as you can try the service risk-free. If you are not convinced of using the VPN, you get a risk-free route to sampling the service before buying. You only need to create an account on the NordVPN website and then download an app for your device. Once installed, open the app and log in with your account details.


You will come across different VPNs, including ExpressVPN and Surfshark. However, NordVPN stands out for its double VPN and extensive server network. It remains a top choice for any privacy-conscious user. The user-friendly interface also makes it a great choice for beginners and advanced users. If you want to enhance your online privacy while accessing restricted content, NordVPN can always be your go-to choice. It is a high-quality jack-of-all-trades VPN that does everything to a good standard.


Is NordVPN safe?

Based on its robust security features and no-logs policy, NordVPN is a safe VPN. The no-logging policy strongly reassures you that your online activities are private.

Can NordVPN unblock Netflix?

There is a possibility of unblocking streaming services like Netflix with NordVPN. The VPN unblocks Netflix and other streaming services. It is a great choice for streaming.

How many devices can NordVPN allow you to connect?

Nord boosted its maximum device allowance from 6 to 10 in 2024. This means 10 devices can simultaneously connect on a single account.

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Last Modified: July 4, 2024